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GoArif is a crazy solo traveler from Bangladesh. Love to share Sightseeing guides, information, stories and travel tips. Let's travel around the world.

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About Me

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Hello traveler! Welcome to GoArif. I'm Arif Hossain. I'm so glad to see you here!

I love to travel. So when I get time, I go on a trip. While traveling, I try to learn about archaeological and Sightseeing of Bangladesh and various countries of the world and try to introduce to you.

Do you also Love to traveling? Then GoArif.com is for you. Here I share my travel guides, experiences, information, stories, videos, pictures and travel tips.

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Travel Articles

1 kg of Banana - Sherpur, Bogra -GoArif English

1 kg of Banana – Sherpur, Bogra

1 kg of Banana – Sherpur, Bogra. We have had a great experience traveling to Bogra. In today’s travel story I will share with you about this travel experience in Sherpur. lets start…...

How to Choose a Travel Companion - GoArif English

How to Choose a Travel Companion

How to Choose a Travel Companion or Travel Partner. Are you looking for a travel companion? Going on a trip but afraid to go it alone? Want to take someone as a travel companion but you don’t...

Matlab Uttar Upazila - GoArif English

Matlab Uttar Upazila

Matlab Uttar Upazila is an administrative area of Chandpur district of Bangladesh. Today I will introduce you to the Matlab North Upazila. So let’s get started…. Matlab Uttar Upazila Map Matlab...